Public Safety

I have a record of action, together I have worked with County Executive Bello to increase public safety and focus on our neighborhood.

Investing in Monroe County’s Public Safety Response:  

  • Supported legislation for 50 new Sheriff’s Deputies, modernizing the Sheriff’s office allowing them to address critical issues like car thefts, open air drug markets, increased property crimes and violence.

  • Invested in new positions in the District Attorney and Medical Examiner’s Offices with a focus on solving gun crimes.

Engaging the Community

  • Funded ROCTAC a coalition of community agencies, mental health professionals, and law enforcement that prevents targeted violence and online radicalization. Stopping violence before it occurs.

  • Voted to fund the Neighborhood Collaborative Project using $7.1M to bring wraparound services to city neighborhoods and removing barriers to access for the next four years.

Providing Mental Health and Addiction Services 

  • Supported expanded hours and staff for Forensic Intervention Team (FIT) creating a 24/7 mental health response to crisis calls.

  • Supported expanded funding for the Improving Addiction Coordination Team (IMPACT) to address the opioid epidemic, and bring life-saving naloxone to our community. 

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