I was born and raised on Hempel St. on the east side. My family came to Rochester in the early ’70s. My father worked for RTS as a bus driver and as a machine specialist at Kodak. My mother worked for Xerox as a quality control specialist and in the RCSD as a Teaching Assistant. We were not rich, but my parents were able to provide us with a comfortable lifestyle. My neighborhood was warm, inviting, and full of diversity. There was a true sense of pride in our community. Growing up I experienced many benefits of living within this community such as little league sports, caring neighbors, recreation centers and quality public education. I am a proud graduate of Edison and attended Buffalo State and Brockport State College where I studied Psychology and Sociology. I’ve worked as a social worker with at-risk youth for 25 years. This work has allowed me to do what I truly love, connecting with people. Working with youth, helping them become positive, successful, and contributing members of society. I come to you as a humble public servant asking for your vote and support in the primary election on June 22.